Site visit and collection of spatial data using a tripod mounted laser scanner

Point cloud models


The 3D CAD model was produced using the point cloud data.

CAD model with virtual camera views

Delivery of information and drawings to client

Laser Scanning and Modelling of two-storey house.

A collaboration with Advanced Simulation Technologies Ltd.

The Project:

A client wished to undertake a measured building survey of a house. A laser scanner was used to quickly obtain accurate 3D spatial data of the building. An accurate 3D point cloud was then produced of the house.

Construction of 3D Computer Model from point cloud


2D plans and sections produced in the usual formats. The models were split into ground and first floor models which were placed within 3D pdf files. These files allow a client to interact with a 3D model without needing any specialist software. All the client needs is a computer running a recent version of Adobe reader.